The Rotary Club of the North Cotswolds

On 9th October, Colin and Terasa gave a presentation to The Rotary Club of the North Cotswolds about SPT.  It was a very nerve-wracking task and was the first the Trust has so far performed but we should not have feared because we were given a wonderful reception and were overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity given.  Below is one of the wonderful comments that we received:

[quote cite=” Peter”]“Albert gave a vote of thanks that echoed all the members’ appreciation of how you explained your Trust, both present and future. I wish to add my thanks for such a clear and concise presentation. I am sure we will be working closely with you in the future and will want to know when your website is up and running, so that we can be up to speed with events. All the very best for the future of the Sam Pilcher Trust”[/quote]

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