An Update on some children/Families we are helping

As promised we’re just giving an update of some children/Families that the Sam Pilcher Trust has recently helped or in the process of organising. These children have all been introduced to SPT by Clic Sargent social workers:


1 .  A 17 year old boy suffering with Leukaemia was struggling with travel costs to/from Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital for 8 weeks of Radiotherapy. Sam Pilcher Trust has granted £400.


2 .  A 15 month old little girl has Wilm’s Tumour and is reacting violently to her chemotherapy treatment and is constantly vomiting on the carpets in their home. Sam Pilcher Trust has granted £388 towards the cost of buying and fitting Laminate flooring { Clic Sargent is covering the balance }.


3 .  A 16 month old little boy with a brain stem tumour was living in an  overcrowded house. Clic Sargent has helped to find a larger home for the family and Sam Pilcher Trust has granted £250 to help towards the removal costs.


4 .  A young lady treated with a brain tumour has started a child care course. She is doing OK at the moment but she and her family are aware that the tumour will return but not when. Sam Pilcher Trust has agreed to cover the cost of a new laptop to help her on her child care course. She is currently investigating which one she would like.


Colin, Terasa and Max went for a meeting with Dr Dilys Neil and colleagues from Gloucester Royal Hospital, two young people who are currently receiving treatment and their families.   The Meeting was hospitably hosted by Dean Close School. The plans are to provide a major refit of the Teenager’s Activity Room, Treatment Cubicles and Kitchen facilities in the Oncology Unit at Gloucester Royal Children’s Hospital.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped the Trust in the past and it illustrates how important your support has been.

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